Parts & Stock Management

With a network of mobile engineers on the road it can be difficult to keep track of what parts have been used and what stock is sitting in vans or warehouses.┬áThis lack of visibility can lead to both over and under ordering of materials. Costing jobs also becomes very difficult because parts aren’t always recorded against the appropriate job.

By managing your parts and stock within your service management software, you can schedule and manage resources with complete visibility of stock usage.

An overview

Oneserve manages all your parts and stock suppliers in one system. You can automatically replenish stock, monitor stock levels and accurately record costs against jobs.

Key benefits

Maximise first time fix rates

With real-time visibility of all available stock your workforce will be able to complete more jobs the first time, not only boosting first time fix rates but also improving customer satisfaction.

Manage suppliers in a single system

Oneserve integrates with many suppliers, including Travis Perkins and Buildbase, which means you can manage your entire parts and supplier libraries in one system.

Simplify administration

Automatically create purchase orders, reconcile goods receipts and match invoices to ensure admin burden is reduced and detailed audit trails are always available.

What you can expect from Oneserve's Parts & Stock Management

Step 1: Set up integrations

Our integration team can connect with any API driven stock system. This will be done during the implementation phase to ensure you start using Oneserve in the most efficient manner possible.

Step 2: Request parts

Your front-line team can request parts through Oneserve and track the order status. They can also collect a part from your preferred supplier and assign that part to the specific job.

Step 3: Monitor stock levels

Oneserve gives you complete visibility of stock movement, stock transaction and incoming stock. When stock becomes low you can set the system up to automatically reorder.