Quote Registration & Reporting

Sending a quote to a customer is often an inefficient process because it is generated manually or within a stand alone system and then when the quote is accepted, the information has to be generated again to commence the work. This leaves room for inaccuracy and impacts the speed in which the job can start.

Oneserve’s quote management will help with your invoicing and finance by ensuring your quotes are accurately produced.  Oneserve eradicates any inefficiency by linking the processes together with the aid of our integration with other bespoke and legacy systems.

An overview

Oneserve Quote Registration & Reporting functionality enables you to generate a quote from the same system that you will manage the job. As such, when the quote is accepted you can convert it into a job at the click of a button.

Key benefits

Simplify quoting

Quotes are created using pre-defined costings, not only saving time but also standardising the process to ensure accuracy.

Increase visibility

The quotes are stored centrally giving visibility to those who need it. Your team can also search, revise, clone or cancel the quote at any point.

Monitor the process

Directly track quotes to closely monitor progress. This visibility also enables you to analyse the effectiveness of your entire quoting process.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Quote Management feature

Step 1: Create a quote

Using pre-defined pricing, Oneserve will generate a quote on your company branded template to be sent to your prospect.

Step 2: Convert the quote

Once the quote has been accepted, you can convert the quote into a job with a few simple clicks and schedule the work to commence.

Step 3: Monitor costs

All data for the quotes is stored on Oneserve so you can review your close rate and analyse any recurring trends or patterns.