Real-time Engineer Tracking & Customer Updates

Oneserve’s appointment updates deliver live alerts to your customers so they know who is arriving and when, transforming your customer engagement capabilities. Meanwhile, you can track all of your engineers throughout their working day.

In a world where your customers have become very familiar with real-time updates from big brands like Amazon, Uber and DPD, you can now offer the same frictionless service, managing the customer experience from start to finish.

With customers more aware of your engineer’s arrival time, you can also expect to reduce your ‘no access’ appointments. On average, a no access or failed appointment costs £50 per appointment. With the number of failed appointments typically averaging between 8-12%, the savings are often significant.

How customer updates and location tracking works

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Powered by Localz, our vehicle tracking solution uses location intelligence to give live updates to your customers, ensuring that they are kept in the loop on ETAs. This provides total confidence around your appointments and quashes any frustrations your customers may experience around not knowing when your engineer will arrive.

The integrated customer engagement software also allows for improved customer satisfaction. When the appointment has been completed, instant customer feedback can be gathered through a short survey and sent to customers via SMS. Clear reporting in the management dashboard then helps you to gauge a live and honest picture of your Customer Satisfaction Score.

The management dashboard also provides you with real-time tracking, giving you full visibility. This enables you to easily track your engineers’ locations to give you the insight needed to continually optimise your resources for best effect.

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Since using location tracking we have seen a 45% reduction in ‘no access’ appointments.

Jonathan Evans,
Business Improvement Manager - ULPS

The benefits of appointment updates and location tracking

Service excellence

Deliver exceptional engagement by providing complete visibility via automated appointment reminders, ETA updates and real-time engineer tracking.

Improved access

With better communications your customers will be more informed subsequently reducing carded jobs and improving the productivity of your team.

Reduced costs

With fewer customers requesting an ETA through your call centre, and more jobs completed upon first visit, you will quickly see a return on your investment.

Transform customer engagement and give yourself complete visibility of your team.


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