Resource Planning & Management

The resource planning and scheduling processes are often the cause of the most inefficiency within businesses with a mobile workforce. The process of balancing workforce productivity, operational performance and customer expectations can be time consuming and challenging.

Oneserve‚Äôs simplifies the process by scheduling work with the location and engineer’s skills in mind. This ensures the right engineer attends the right job at the right time – especially useful when working with contractors.


An overview

Engineers and other field workers receive their schedules via specialist mobile app and office staff have access to automated resource tracking system to continually monitor job progress, allocate jobs and collect performance data.

Key Benefits of Resource Management

Reduce administration

Introducing resource management to your organisation will simplify the scheduling process by reducing administration and increasing accuracy. Oneserve will take into account location, engineer skills and travel time and suggest the most appropriate appointment for each specific job.

Boost productivity

Oneserve optimises every element of the job planning process - from ensuring daily schedules are as efficient as possible, to giving engineers access to all the data they need to complete each job productively, to providing visibility of job progress and performance.

Improve first time fix rates

Return site visits are costly and damage customer satisfaction. By considering the skills required for each job, our resource management tool helps ensure your customers experience a highly efficient service that maximises your first time fix rate.

Monitor job progress

All of the information regarding each job is entered and stored into Oneserve. This provides you with instant access to key information, enabling you to monitor progress, highlight any potential issues and identify efficiency improvements.

Improve customer satisfaction

The efficiency gains brought to you by Oneserve will directly enhance the service you deliver to your customers. They will experience more precise appointment slots, less return visits and more knowledgeable and confident operatives.

Automate communications

To further enhance your customer service, you can set key communications, such as emails or text messages, to automatically send once an appointment has been scheduled. That communication will then be recorded against each job.

Key Features of Oneserve's Resource Planning & Management

Step 1: Schedule resource

Depending on the business preferences, Oneserve allows you to book appointments into the system yourself or use our automatic scheduling tool. Based on criteria that you have previously defined, Oneserve automatically identifies the best appointment time based on the location, travel time and skills required to complete the job.

Step 2: Complete the job

The software allows mobile workforce to access their job list on their mobile device. Even if they lose internet connection they can still see the job details. To progress and complete a job they enter relevant, pre-defined details on their mobile. This ensures everyone follows the same, most efficient process.

Step 3: Monitor performance

With our planning software your office team will always have access to schedules and will see progress updates as soon as the operatives add information to Oneserve. Through our analytics feature, they can also collate and interrogate job performance data via easy to use dashboards to identify further efficiency opportunities.