Self Configurable System

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider we firmly believe that the software you use should adapt and shape to your exact business requirements. Inevitably, these requirements change as your business develops and you will need to react accordingly.

To support your business growth, unlike other field service management software providers, we have always ensured that Oneserve is a highly intuitive system. This means that you can configure and amend the software yourself as and when you need to.

An overview

Whether you want to create a new form, alter access rights or amend a workflow to improve efficiency, Oneserve enables you to do this all yourself, without any additional cost.

Key benefits

Stay ahead of the game

The immediacy in which you can make amendments to your self service software means that you can respond quickly to changing demands and market conditions.

Don’t pay unnecessary costs

The user-friendly interface means that Oneserve enables you to self-administer elements of the system yourself, without incurring any support or developement fees.

Continually improve

The simplicity in which you can make amendments to the system means that you will be able to continually realise efficiency gains and improve operational performance.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Self Service feature

Step 1: Configure Oneserve

Before you start using Oneserve you can configure the system so that it operates to workflows that best suit your business. This ensures a smooth implementation and adoption process.

Step 2: Monitor and analyse

To remain efficient, Oneserve enables you to interrogate your data and monitor your performance. The results of this analysis will help you hone and develop your custom software so that you can continually improve.

Step 3: Make efficiency improvements

Whether it is amending user permissions, adapting or creating new workflows or adding survey questions, you can make these changes yourself to maximise the value you receive from your field service management software.