Client and Contractor Portal

Maintaining KPI’s and meeting customer satisfaction is reliant on providing them with the information they need, through the provision of regular reports and communication. This can be time consuming and difficult to maintain.

Likewise, similar challenges apply when allocating and monitoring the work your subcontractors complete. To connect these processes, Oneserve provides your subcontractors and customers with direct access to the information they need.

Also, our mobile software lets you track engineers to help you better schedule and manage resources effectively. 

An overview

Our web-based client and contractor portal enables you to control what your external network sees, whilst also giving you visibility of their activities.

Key benefits:

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers no longer have to wait to receive information. Instead they can log in to Oneserve and see the information they need whenever they like. The information you display can vary from customer to customer and range from real-time job progress to copies of certification.

Effectively manage subcontractors

Allocate work directly to subcontractors and monitor job progress and performance through the contractor portal. They can access Oneserve in exactly the same way as your internal operatives, recording all job details directly. By working to the same processes, it maintains consistency and transparency.

Reduce administration

By connecting your wider network with the processes already used within Oneserve you create a highly efficient eco-system that requires significantly less administration. This joined up approach also increases accuracy and will create a thorough and automated audit trail.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Client Access and Contractor Portal

Step 1: Activate client and subcontractor access

As you win new customers or engage new subcontractors you can assign them access to the information they need through the client and contractor portal. These access rights can vary for each business, only displaying the information that is relevant to them.

Step 2: Monitor performance

Subcontractors can use Oneserve to complete the work they carry out in exactly the same way as your directly employed workforce. As a result you can monitor their progress in real-time and ensure the service they provide meet your requirements.

Step 3: Create custom reports and dashboards

Construct reports and dashboards that automatically update to give your customers and subcontractors optimum visibility. As an example, these dashboards could include first time fix statistics, job progress or SLA details.