Helping FSG manage their processes and keep their clients informed

Specialising in social housing refurbishment and maintenance, FSG Property Services Ltd work with local authorities, registered social landlords, private homeowners, landlords and developers. They have in-house teams working across multiple contracts from Buckinghamshire to Northamptonshire.

Centralised data keep everyone informed

Streamlined processes that can be reconfigured instantly

Simple integration creating a true end to end solution

Oneserve is so easy to use. It has a simple layout and design, making it very intuitive. We have access to everything we need to quickly respond or adapt to market or business changes."

FSG Property Services Ltd

The Challenge

FSG Property Services Ltd are relied upon to respond to the natural peaks and troughs of the contracting industry. They use a direct delivery model, which provides full control over the quality of their work, customer care and availability of staff.

In order to continue delivering a professional, high quality service, one that balances operational resources effectively, FSG Property Services Ltd decided to re-visit their software solution. Whilst effective, it was no longer meeting the demands of an increasing workload. They felt it to be slow and inflexible, and they couldn’t deliver the reports or job costings they needed. This inability to adapt as the organisation evolved led them to seek an alternative solution.

Following a recommendation from a third party consultant, they started to explore if Oneserve could more effectively meet their needs, both today and into the future.

The Solution

Following a demo, FSG Property Services Ltd recognised the improvements Oneserve could bring. Comparing the system’s strengths with their own criteria, they could see Oneserve would provide:

  1. An end-to-end solution, delivering an exceptional and highly-efficient service.

  2. Flexibility, supporting their needs during periods of flux and expansion.

  3. Streamlined communication, for a more succinct way of working.

  4. Compliance support, uploading photos with annotations and assigning costs to jobs.

  5. The ability to report and share information with customers.

The Result

FSG Property Services Ltd now manage all of their processes within Oneserve, from scheduling an appointment to recording detailed job information and managing performance. All data is stored centrally, resulting in a collaborative, efficient working practice. 

“Our clients need to know how we are progressing with their jobs. We now have a central place where all of our information is stored, providing a platform that keeps everyone informed.”

FSG Property Services Ltd are able to adapt Oneserve to meet their exact needs, setting up bespoke workflows for their specific requirements with access to multiple reports. This means they can monitor performance and identify operational improvements, making changes directly themselves without additional costs.

The integration capabilities of Oneserve have also benefited FSG Property Services Ltd, allowing them to further streamline their processes and link with their financial package for the first time.

“The system has everything there for us, ready as and when we need it. Oneserve is so easy to use that we can go in and make amendments whenever we need to. This longevity and adaptability were particularly attractive to us.”

Oneserve has continuously improved since the start of our relationship. They listen to their customers and they are constantly evolving the software.”

FSG Property Services Ltd

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