Creating an innovative solution to establish an open line of communication

Gravesham Borough Council are a stock retaining local authority who provide a wide range of frontline services to their residents. Using Oneserve during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed them to create an innovative solution, Gravesham Community Hub, which has established an open line of communication between their wider team and vulnerable tenants.

Oneserve’s adaptability enabled a new solution to be developed

With no extra costs incurred

Supporting enhanced communication with 900 residents

At this time, when so many people are struggling, having the ability to contact the most vulnerable tenants, to ensure that they have the most essential supplies and necessary support, is invaluable. The fact that we have been able to provide this service at no extra cost, and create it so quickly, has been a huge added bonus and is testimony to the adaptability of Oneserve."

Nicole Arthur, Service Delivery Manager – Gravesham Borough Council

The Challenge

Gravesham Borough Council implemented Oneserve’s Job Management software during 2017 in a bid for paperless processes. They have since been managing their entire repairs and property maintenance works within Oneserve, resulting in significant cost savings and a more efficient workforce.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in the UK, Gravesham recognised that their responsibilities as a landlord needed to shift so that they could provide extra support to a number of vulnerable people in their homes.

During these unprecedented times, devising a solution had to be quick and cost-effective, ideally using tools and processes that were already familiar to the teams at Gravesham.

The Solution

The council quickly realised that they could utilise the workflows in Oneserve, normally assigned to manage their repairs and maintenance work, to build a step-by-step process that would allow Oneserve to be used as a case management system and help them to reach out to their most vulnerable tenants.

Gravesham began building the solution, and within a few days their Oneserve Super User had built the workflow at no extra cost. The workflow is completely separate to those already mapped within Oneserve, giving the team complete visibility of this solution as a standalone service.

The Result

Community Hub, as it’s been termed, now has all the information and processes necessary to enable them to communicate with 900 vulnerable households, recording their needs and referring them to the council’s wider Community Hub for extra support if needed.

This process uses the Oneserve forms and surveys function to survey each vulnerable tenant, establishing where they could benefit from support. The data gathered includes contact details, what level of support was required and how regularly it was needed.

They then prioritise each household using a traffic light system; those in urgent need of support are flagged as red, those who need support but not immediately are flagged as amber and those with less pressing needs are marked as green. The survey also captures any additional needs, whether that is emergency repairs to their home or welfare issues.

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