Building and property maintenance software

Building and property maintenance software that enables you to plan, schedule and manage multiple jobs, contracts and engineers with precision, consistency and efficiency.

Property maintenance software that makes job management easy

The building and property maintenance industry face the complex challenge of balancing multiple building systems with compliance obligations, workforce efficiency and client expectations.

Our property maintenance software resolves these difficulties within one powerful and highly intuitive management solution. Oneserve provides a robust building maintenance software that connects all your people and processes, enabling you to optimise your entire service delivery from planning and scheduling to invoicing and monitoring.

Streamlined job management

Oneserve’s building and property maintenance software is designed specifically to enhance and support every aspect of building management services, including computerised maintenance scheduling, electronic document management, intelligent resource dispatch and efficient finance and invoicing. In short, our flexible building management software gives you all the tools to succeed, even in the most competitive of environments.

Building and property maintenance software - the key benefits

Unite everyone

Our building management software allows you to simultaneously manage mobile workforce teams, both in-house and contractors. Oneserve connects everyone by giving them real-time access to the information and tools they need through the property maintenance software. Accessible on any mobile device or through contractor portals, Oneserve brings collaboration that enables everyone to work smarter.

Improve customer service

Everything within Oneserve's building and property maintenance software works towards delivering a better service. By scheduling intelligently the person with the right skills attends the job. With access to job data that person is equipped with the information they need to work knowledgeably. Our real-time customer updates & engineer tracking feature offers visibility of your entire operation, so your office team can closely monitor performance and customer satisfaction.

Effectively manage finances

Whether you're quoting for a new job or invoicing for a completed job, you can do all of this through Oneserve's building maintenance software thanks to our extensive integration capabilities. By seamlessly linking with your existing systems within the property maintenance software, you have all of your data in one system giving you a fast and accurate finance process that is easy to control and monitor.

What you can expect from Oneserve's building and property maintenance software

Step 1: Dispatch jobs

Whether you need to schedule planned works or respond to a breakdown call, Oneserve’s building maintenance software schedules each job efficiently, automatically considering the required skills and the location of the job. Once scheduled, your team receive their itinerary in real-time on their mobile device and can access relevant information, such as location, previous job histories and access instructions.

Step 2: Capture data

As an end-to-end electronic platform, Oneserve's property maintenance software captures and consolidates your operational data wherever your team is located. With no need for paperwork and no data duplication your team will significantly reduce the time they spend on administration. Furthermore, this audit trail provides immediate access to documentation to prove you meet your compliance obligations.

Step 3: Continually improve

The transparency and simplicity of the property maintenance software give you access to interrogate your data enabling you to monitor your entire business activity including operational costs, job status using maintenance job tracking software and worker performance. Ultimately, the visibility our intuitive dashboards and reports provide will give you the confidence to make critical business decisions with greater authority and speed.