General contractor software

Service management software to help contractors keep control of their service offering, ensuring they deliver a cost effective, high quality service.

All-encompassing contractor software

When you are responsible for completing work across multiple locations and for multiple customers, it can be difficult to maintain a tight ship. Inefficiencies can quickly creep in, productivity can fluctuate and costs can escalate.

Designed especially for contractors, Oneserve’s integrated contractor software offers quote management, work scheduling and tracking, invoice management and more. This gives you the visibility needed to fully utilise your resources in the most efficient manner possible. Your entire team access and use the same intuitive system giving you a single source of information which can easily be interpreted and used to improve your service delivery.

Streamlining job management

A comprehensive service management solution that maintains efficiency throughout your entire service offering, from quoting, to scheduling, to invoicing. With no need for paperwork, your entire workforce receive and record their work on their intuitive mobile device. This electronic audit trail helps you prove your compliance obligations and quickly identify areas that you can reduce costs and inefficiency.

General contractor software - Key benefits

Collaborative working

Oneserve connects all the people and processes involved in your service delivery. Your workforce view and capture job information on their Oneserve mobile App and your office team schedule and access information on their desktop. This gives the visibility needed to work as productively as possible.

Simple parts management

Oneserve neatly records what parts and stock have been used on each job so that you can accurately monitor stock levels and record costs. Thanks to our extensive integration capabilities, we can also set Oneserve up to directly link with your suppliers, enabling you to automatically replenish stock as required.

Workforce visibility

With employees constantly travelling and attending different sites it can be difficult to monitor productivity. Using our GPS tracking technology you can visualise the geographic location of all of your engineers on a map. This enables you to easily manage productivity and react quickly to any delays or inefficiencies.

What you can expect from Oneserve's contractor software

Step 1: Effectively schedule work

Simplify work scheduling by letting Oneserve do it for you. Whether reactive or planned, our optimised scheduler will help you get the engineer with the right skills to each job. Oneserve will also arrange daily appointments so that drive time is kept to a minimum and productivity is maximised.

Step 2: Easily monitor performance

Whether you want to monitor workforce performance or customer satisfaction, every aspect relating to your job, from the parts used to the time it took to complete the work, is recorded in Oneserve. This gives you instant access to all the information you need to monitor and maintain optimum efficiency and service.

Step 3: Optimise cash flow

To invoice efficiently you need quick access to accurate financial information. Oneserve provides exactly this by recording a trail throughout the lifecycle of each job. This not only enables fast and efficient invoicing, it also gives you the tools to generate cost strategies and the insight necessary to identify ongoing efficiency gains.