Facilities management software

Facilities management software that streamlines reactive and planned job maintenance by managing your entire service operation from a single highly intuitive system.

Oneserve’s facilities maintenance software streamlines reactive and planned job maintenance and preventative maintenance by managing your entire service operation from a single highly intuitive system.

In the fast growing and highly competitive facilities management industry, the speed of response and quality of service you provide is critical to your success. But service excellence can be difficult to achieve when juggling planned and reactive maintenance across a vast number of sites.

Oneserve’s facilities management software helps to simplify the entire job management cycle by managing jobs in a single system. Oneserve stores all of the information your team needs, giving them the visibility needed to complete their work as efficiently as possible.

Simplifying facilities job management

From scheduling, through to recording details about an asset and assigning the cost of parts to a specific job - Oneserve manages your entire process and collates this information in a single system, accessible by everyone in your organisation. As a result, our facility management customers deliver a more consistent and productive operation that eradicates unnecessary cost.

Key benefits

Accessible to everyone

You workforce can view appointments and capture information on their Oneserve mobile App wherever they are. Your office team can schedule and access all job information on their desktop giving everyone in your organisation the visibility they need to complete their jobs with precision and speed.

Faster more effective service

Oneserve provides a more sophisticated, yet streamlined approach to job management and building maintenance. Oneserve manages the whole process from booking the job through to assigning parts, maintaining asset information, purchase orders and billing the customer. As a result, costs are reduced and customer service is improved.

Predict asset downtime

Deliver a previously unachievable level of customer service by predicting an asset failure before it happens. Our predictive management software uses sensors and artificial intelligence to continually monitor the performance of an asset, giving you the heads up when a potential failure is imminent.

What you can expect from Oneserve's facilities management software

Step 1: Plan jobs effectively

Whether planning a reactive or planned job, Oneserve enables you to schedule the job productively by automatically taking into account the job location, skills and parts required. Your workforce receive their schedule and relevant job information on their mobile to enable them to work efficiently.

Step 2: Record relevant data

Whilst working on site your team can capture a wealth of information relating to the job, whether that is asset information, parts used, photos or customer signatures. All of this information is accessible in real-time giving your entire team the details needed to work with confidence, speed and accuracy.

Step 2: Invoice and report accurately

When all of your data is held in a single system you have instant access to the information you need. Whether that is to invoice your customers efficiently, to generate cost strategies or to monitor performance, Oneserve gives you all the tools you need to continually improve your business.

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