Field Service Management Software for Local Governments

Oneserve’s job management software helps you deliver a better service at a reduced cost, by streamlining your processes and uniting your entire team.

Field Service Management for The Public Sector

Local Governments continue to experience pressure to deliver extensive services at a reduced cost. They also need to deliver these services with transparency and accountability; the combination of which is putting an extensive strain on those responsible for delivering these services.

Oneserve’s workflow management software streamlines your entire job management process by driving out inefficiencies. Our software can help public institutions manage government projects and service tasks efficiently by giving them a platform to unify all work and help manage all processes within a single, highly intuitive system.

Tailored government project management

Eradicate inefficiencies by controlling your entire operation from a single, online system. Everyone in your organisation can access Oneserve giving them the visibility needed to work more effectively. This level of control gives real-time insight into every aspect of your service delivery, enabling you to monitor performance and continually improve.

Benefits of Tailored Government Field Service Management

Reduce costs

As well as realising efficiencies throughout your service operation, Oneserve also minimises the cost of your procurement process. Our inclusion on the UK Government's G-Cloud Digital Marketplace means we have been through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) process. As a result, you will simplify your procurement process, whilst saving significant time and money.

Connect your systems

Oneserve integrates with your existing systems, such as finance or housing management packages, to maximise your efficiencies. This will enable Local Governments to manage all of your data and processes from one system, increasing the speed and effectiveness of each process. These integration capabilities also enable public sector organisations to directly link with suppliers so that parts can be ordered quickly and more efficiently.

Improve morale

Oneserve is a highly intuitive system which removes the need for laborious data entry or paperwork. Instead, your workforce can access all the information they need at a click of a button and record job information just as easily. By equipping your team with user friendly mobile tools that simplify their day-to-day work, they will naturally deliver a more consistent, confident and quality service to your customers.

Workflow Management for the Public Sector

Step 1: Streamline processes

Remove the need for any paperwork and bring everyone together by working to the same, highly efficient processes. Through the use of workflows you will control what steps each of your teams follow to complete their work. As you identify improvements, you can reconfigure the workflows yourself, without the cost or delay of external support.

Step 2: Schedule efficiently

Whether reactive or planned, Oneserve will simplify work planning for any public institution. Based on criteria stored within Oneserve, our software will intelligently schedule work by taking into account the location and skills required to complete each job. This reduces administration, minimises drive time and improves your ability to achieve a first time fix.

Step 3: Track performance

Local Government and public sector operatives can directly record all information in Oneserve enabling you to track work in real-time. This not only gives you an easily accessible audit trail, it also gives you the insight necessary to identify improvements and risks that direct accurate and informed decisions. Thanks to our intuitive reporting tools you can also share this data with ease via customisable dashboards.