Manufacturing service management software

Service management software that maximises productivity and minimises costs by increasing machine uptime.

Whether a direct manufacturer or an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), machinery is the lifeblood of your business. In today’s challenging climate, any unplanned machine downtime can quickly impact cash flow and reputation.

Oneserve’s predictive maintenance software significantly reduces the risk of machine downtime by combining sensors and artificial intelligence to alert you of a potential equipment failure, before the downtime occurs.

Optimising machine uptime

By using sensors attached to your machinery (in-built or added retrospectively), Oneserve Infinite provides a real-time conversation with your machine assets. Temperature, vibrations, water detection, movement, energy flows and behaviour can all be relayed in real-time to understand when a machine is going to fail.

Key benefits

Increase profit margins

Reactive maintenance can be 20 times more expensive than planned maintenance. By predicting failure events and extracting the need for reactive maintenance, you will increase productivity and cost efficiency.

Reduce resources

The resource to maintain and monitor business critical machinery can be extensive. By taking away this burden and automating machine failure alerts, your resources can be utilised much more effectively.

Improve service delivery

Uptime directly correlates with customer satisfaction. Therefore, by preventing downtime from occurring in the first place your productivity remains high and you continuously deliver a superior service.

What you can expert from Oneserve's predictive machinery maintenance software

Step 1: Connect your machines

Many modern machines now have sensors in-built but if not, we can help you fit sensors retrospectively. Once attached, we will link our predictive maintenance software to all of the assets within your machine. Oneserve displays a live report of asset and machine performance on a user-friendly dashboard.

Step 2: Let Oneserve do the work

By continuously monitoring each working part within each of your machines Oneserve knows when they start operating out of normal parameters. When this does occur, Oneserve automatically notifies you and schedules the relevant resource with the right skills to attend site and resolve the issue.

Step 3: Make informative plans

The continuous data gathered, such as usage patterns and the cause of failures can be used to create future maintenance schedules with greater detail and accuracy than previously achievable. In addition, Commercial Asset Viability projections can be created to understand and manage the remaining lifespan of each asset.