Social housing service management

Housing management software that helps you deliver an end-to-end superior customer service by increasing efficiency and visibility.

Originally designed specifically to support social housing organisations, our cloud-based service management software offers one holistic solution – eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Covering the whole spectrum of needs from planned maintenance through to reactive protocols, our workflows provide a benchmark from which optimised work practices can be implemented and better controlled.

Streamlining housing job management

By uniting all your processes, departments and people with one intuitive, user-friendly platform, you can identify and crack down on operational inefficiencies, reduce costs, improve worker productivity and implement plans for strategic growth. In essence, Oneserve gives all of your team the necessary tools to work smarter.

Key benefits

Easy to use

Oneserve is designed with the user in mind - whether an operative using the mobile App, or a system administrator generating complex reports. Our user interface is engaging and intuitive, making the shift to a new system as smooth as possible.

Greater control

Oneserve seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms and stores all of the information you need in a single integrated solution. This not only gives you an electronic audit trail of all of your work but also gives your team the visibility they need to work productively.

Continually improve

Due to Oneserve's user friendly structure, you can configure and amend the software yourself as and when you need to. This enables you to respond to changing organisational needs and react to inefficiencies quickly and without additional cost.

What you can expect from Oneserve's housing service management software

Step 1: Configure your system

During implementation we work with you to streamline your processes, integrate existing systems and set up the workflows to ensure you start with the most efficient processes possible. Once set up, your entire team will follow the same procedures and record all relevant information in a single system.

Step 2: Operate more efficiently

Oneserve drives efficiencies across your entire organisation. From scheduling to job completion, whether reactive, planned or voids work. Our housing clients report increased first time fix rates, significant improvements to productivity and increased customer/tenant satisfaction scores.

Step 3: Manage costs & performance

With all of your information stored in Oneserve you have an easily accessible audit trail. Our analytics function enables you to extract whatever information you need, whether that is site costs, first time fix rates or performance statistics. This makes data interrogation simple, ensuring you constantly achieve optimum efficiency.