Telecommunications & Data Networking

Field Service Management software that provides greater visibility, enabling your workforce to work more collaboratively and increase their productivity.

It is notoriously difficult to maintain optimum efficiencies when managing a mobile workforce. For the telecoms industry, with operations often spread across large geographic areas and responsibility for a range of often remotely located assets, this challenge is accentuated.

Oneserve’s workforce management software helps you intelligently schedule work, monitor progress and manage costs in one intuitive system. Your entire team can access Oneserve wherever they are and because they enter details in real-time, everyone has complete visibility of all the information they need to work more efficiently.

Better utilise your workforce

Every element of our job and asset management software means that your workforce can work more productively. The intelligent scheduling means their travel is minimised and they attend the jobs they are skilled to complete. The workflows mean that everyone follows the most efficient procedures and the visibility means your team have sight of the information they need to complete each job quicker.

Key benefits

Improve customer service

The efficiency gains achieved by improving the way you schedule and dispatch your workforce will directly enhance the service you deliver to your customers. By also giving your team access to key information, they will deliver a consistent, knowledgeable and faster service with more confidence.

Monitor assets remotely

Revolutionise the way you manage your assets with our predictive management software. Oneserve Infinite utilises IoT sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor your assets remotely. Should an asset start showing signs of poor performance, an alert will be raised, enabling you to react before the failure occurs.

What you can expect from Oneserve's telecoms job management software

Step 1: Optimise work schedules

Our intelligent scheduling accurately plans work by taking into account the location, skills and parts required. The system optimises routes to ensure each engineer travels the shortest distance each day. By also equipping your team with key information, accessible on their mobile device, they are able to work much more efficiently.

Step 2: Collate key data

Whether you need to capture data about each of your assets, need to record the parts that have been used on each job or simply need to know the amount of time it takes to complete each job, Oneserve collects and stores all the information you need to work smarter. Using our analytics tools you can interrogate your data and generate customised reports and dashboards.

Step 3: Continually improve

With the data you collate you can easily monitor every aspect of your business from team and asset performance to customer satisfaction. If you identify improvements to your processes you can reconfigure Oneserve yourself thanks to the user friendly interface. This banishes inefficiencies quickly and without incurring additional support fees.