Field service solutions for the utilities industry

Trusted by many businesses with teams of engineers across the utilities industry, Oneserve supports day-to-day efficiencies whilst helping to achieve longer term productivity gains.

Effective management of field engineers and business process

The utilities industry has been, and continues to be, under the spotlight with a heavy focus on customer service. With this comes the challenge of delivering a quality service, at an acceptable cost to the customer, whilst still ensuring a healthy profit margin.

Oneserve’s utilities scheduling and job management software provides intuitive tools for the effective management of both your business processes and resources.

Optimising utilities job management

Our software optimises your service delivery at every level - from contract negotiation and engineer scheduling, right through to job completion. Our powerful functionality manages the entire job process in a single system for a cohesive, highly efficient service that minimises cost and increases customer satisfaction.

Utilities field service software - Key benefits

Reduce administration

By managing the entire job process in one electronic system, your administration burden is dramatically decreased. Paperwork is no longer required and every stage of your service delivery is streamlined. Information is instantly available resulting in a highly efficient and precise service delivery operation.

Effectively manage assets

As well as storing relevant information, managing programmes of work and tracking ongoing repair and maintenance, Oneserve can predict asset failures. By utilising sensors and artificial intelligence, Oneserve Infinite continually monitors your assets and alerts you if a potential problem occurs.

Deliver service excellence

Every element of Oneserve works towards making your processes and people more efficient. These efficiency gains directly enhance the service you deliver to your customers, not just because you are able to provide a more refined service, but because your team have the additional insight to deliver service excellence.

What you can expect from Oneserve's utilities job management software

Step 1: Schedule intelligently

Whether you are scheduling inspections, installations, servicing or maintenance, Oneserve simplifies your scheduling procedure by automatically considering the location and required skills for each job. In short, with Oneserve you will get the appropriately skilled engineer to the job, as efficiently as possible.

Step 2: Complete work efficiently

Your entire team can access Oneserve whether on their mobile device or desktop. They access and record information in real-time, creating an audit trail that removes the need for paperwork or separate systems. As such, your team have the necessary knowledge to work more productively and deliver an improved customer service.

Step 3: Manage costs & performance

With all of your data automatically captured and consolidated in one user friendly interface, you have complete visibility across the whole of your business. Whether you need to understand, operational costs, asset performance or worker compliance, Oneserve provides you with the necessary tools to easily interrogate your data.