Helping Islington Council manage over 25,000 properties

With over 25,000 properties in their portfolio, Islington Council provide a wide range of frontline services to their residents. Historically, they relied upon contractors to complete this work, but the majority of works were brought back in-house during 2012.

Surpassed their custom satisfaction target by achieving 91%

Out-of-hours first-time-fix rate rose to 97%

Oneserve automatically generates hundreds of planned jobs every month

Being involved in future software developments is very valuable to us. We are able to help shape Oneserve to ensure our service management solution delivers what we need."

Anthony Jonas – Islington Council

The Challenge

As Islington Council made the transition to bring works back in-house, they inherited the systems and processes set in place by their previous principal contractor. The systems in question were sufficient to maintain services, but the Council recognised there was potential to simplify processes and reduce inefficiencies.

The rigidity of this solution also meant their field service practices couldn’t evolve alongside their ever-expanding objectives and ambitions, which most notably hindered their out of hours first-time fix rates.

They therefore embarked on a project to introduce a software solution that could meet and manage their service delivery.

The Solution

Our experience of working with social housing providers and Local Authorities, particularly those with a DLO (Direct Labour Organisation), meant we were able to work very closely with Islington to ensure their service management solution perfectly supported their growing needs.

The Council has been operating with a fully insourced workforce since 2014 (Oneserve has been by their side since 2017). All of their processes are now automated through the use of software. Oneserve schedules and manages every job, enabling all 190 operatives to access and record their jobs via their mobile device.

Meanwhile, their 340 desktop users have complete visibility of the entire service delivery process, enabling them to easily schedule jobs and answer customer queries.

The Result

  • Increased efficiencies
    Oneserve has enabled Islington Council to completely eradicate paperwork. All job details are now held in Oneserve and accessible to anyone in the team who needs them, from site addresses to the parts used on a job. By improving job management and increasing visibility, they have been able to dramatically cut out inefficiencies. As Anthony Jonas explains, the increased visibility has also improved their first-time fix rates:

    “One of our greatest challenges in the past was meeting our desired first-time fix rates for out of hours jobs. Now that we have Oneserve, our out of hours first-time fix rate is 97%.”

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    Tenant satisfaction is a prominent focus for Islington Council. Thanks to optimised scheduling and a streamlined process, they have surpassed their customer service satisfaction target of 88%. Anthony explains:

    “Our current satisfaction rate is 91%, which is a clear indication that we are now delivering a better service.”

  • Greater adaptability
    One of the greatest assets of any system is its flexibility to adjust to changing needs and demands. Oneserve has been built to enable just this. As Islington uncover an inefficiency within their process, they can amend the set-up of the system themselves. Anthony expands on this further:

    “The adaptability of Oneserve is invaluable. Whenever we need to make a tweak to our processes, we can do so directly ourselves. This immediacy and simplicity really works for us.”

  • Simpler scheduling
    With 125,000 jobs processed every year, scheduling was a huge burden on the administration team. Since implementing Oneserve, Anthony says:

    “Oneserve has transformed the way we manage our jobs. It is so simple; for the majority of jobs, Oneserve will schedule the appointment and automatically find the best resource and appointment date, without us having to do anything. Furthermore, via our planned maintenance programme, Oneserve automatically generates hundreds of planned jobs every month without the need for any human interaction.”

  • Easy adoption
    As new members of staff join Islington’s team, they quickly get up and running, courtesy of Oneserve’s simple interface. Anthony explains further:

    “We manage all training for new starters ourselves, because Oneserve is so simple to use, enabling staff to easily learn on the job.”

  • Ongoing partnership
    As a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, Oneserve is constantly being developed and updated to ensure our client-partners benefit from the latest tools and technological advances. We involve our client-partners throughout this process to ensure Oneserve matches their needs and requirements moving forward. Anthony explains:

    “Being involved in future software developments is very valuable to us. We are able to help shape Oneserve to ensure our service management solution delivers what we need, both today and in the future.”

* 97% out-of-hours first-time-fix rate

* 91% customer satisfaction rate

We generate hundreds of planned jobs every month, which are automatically scheduled by Oneserve without the need for any human interaction.”

Anthony Jonas, Project Manager – Islington Council

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