A free solution for key workers

Oneserve Field Service Management Software

When you are responsible for completing work across multiple locations and for multiple customers, it can be difficult to maintain a tight ship. Inefficiencies can quickly creep in, productivity can fluctuate and costs can escalate.

Designed especially for contractors, Oneserve's integrated software offers quote management, work scheduling and tracking, invoice management and more. This gives you the visibility needed to fully utilise your resources in the most efficient manner possible. Your entire team access and use the same intuitive system giving you a single source of information which can easily be interpreted and used to improve your service delivery.

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Oneserve Community - A free solution for key workers

Oneserve Community is a free job planning solution for organisations or groups managing key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This simple, easy to use software helps you schedule and complete essential work without the need for paperwork, emails or phone calls.

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Helping you work more effectively

While your team continues to support and protect us all by carrying out their vital work, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to complete that work. Oneserve Community utilises the basic functions of our job management software to give you a simple, but effective way of managing the workload of your team. Learn more about how Oneserve Community could help your key workers by watching the video.

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The three steps Oneserve can help you with

Oneserve Community is accessible on a desktop and mobile giving everyone the access they need to plan, complete and monitor work.

    1. Schedule jobs
      Each job is quickly and easily scheduled via our software through drag and drop functionality. Once the appointment has been booked in, those who carry out the work will automatically see their appointments on their mobile device. All relevant job information, such as the address and any background information is shown within the appointment.

    2. Complete jobs
      Based on the information viewable from their mobile app, your key workers can complete their tasks and record relevant information, including annotated photos. If a risk assessment is required, this can also be completed within the app. Once all tasks have been carried out, the User marks the job as complete and moves on to the next appointment.

    3. Keep a record of jobs
      As jobs are complete, they will be instantly visible on the desktop version for those taking care of your administration. This visibility includes sight of all jobs scheduled and completed, including the details that were entered whilst at the appointment. Everything is collated in one place providing an automatic audit trail of all work.

Streamlining job management

A comprehensive service management solution that maintains efficiency throughout your entire service offering, from quoting, to scheduling, to invoicing. With no need for paperwork, your entire workforce receive and record their work on their intuitive mobile device. This electronic audit trail helps you prove your compliance obligations and quickly identify areas that you can reduce costs and inefficiency.

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If you think Oneserve Community could help your key workers, call our team on 01392 354336 or fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch.